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 Daycare service is from 6 30 am to 7 pm, and the price is $25 SAT & SUN is $30 if you CAN NOT make it before 7 pm we have After hours service. A Sibling will pay half the price for daycare service.

While you’re away, your dog gets to play… All day!

Promotions for Daycare

No Promotions this month Sorry. 

What is included in the day care price?

  • Vitamin D– Our huge backyard takes care of that. 
  • Affection- while you are gone for many hours.
  • Regular Socialization- with other dogs, and people. 
  • Regular Exercise-
  • Play time- Games in the huge backyard, play with other dogs, break times 
  • 24-Hour dedicated staff- member caring for your dog.
  • Give or apply medication if needed-
  • Playgroups carefully chosen- by size, age, personality, and playstyle.
  • Secure Double- Doors and fencing-
  • Clean after your babies 
  • Make sure that they use the restroom as many times as they need. 
  • Give them, love and attention 
  • We serve two meals a day for $5, VIP Meals are $8, or you can bring your own. 

Price list

1-Daycare services This service is $15 for 3 hours or less or $25 from 6 30 am to 7 pm for any dog under 50 Lb.  SAT & SUN is $30. 

2- Siblings pay ½. We only charge half for a sibling if you have two dogs. (Special offer)

3-We offer Our facility is not very big, but has 4 different areas. Playroom inside, Playroom outside, a huge backyard, and an area to take a break or sleep.

4- Hours. Monday through Friday we can help 24/7 hours but the regular hours are from 6:30 am to 7 pm, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM

5-After regular hours services this service is for people who CAN NOT make it before closing hours or need to come before we open and This service is $20

6-Holidays. During these days we don’t offer any specials 


Dog daycare is great for:

  • Pet owners who work long hours
  • Puppies and energetic dogs
  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs with special needs
  • Dogs with separation anxiety

Dog daycare requirements:

  • Be registered and have all the forms completed and signed.
  • Be up-to-date on vaccinations for: Rabies; DHPP (Distemper / Parvo); and Bordetella.

Owners must submit written proof from their veterinarian. Rabies Certificate MUST be signed by the veterinarian

We are a small facility and we don’t offer refunds, all transactions are final. Thank you for understanding. 

Every dog must wear an identification tag all the times.

All dogs must be at least 4-months-old to attend dog daycare. Rabies vaccination is required for all puppies over 4 months of age.

All dogs that are 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered

Attend a complementary (up to 4hrs) “first day” evaluation day.

Best Doggy DayCare & Hotel has a Waiver.  You can find it on the top right corner of the first page, please don’t forget to sign it. Thank you very much.