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Please kindly note that all dogs MUST be neutered/spayed by 12 months-old for doggy day care/boarding services.
Vaccination Expiration Dates:

All pooches attending our facility MUST be up to date with the following Vaccinations: ​-Rabies -Bordatella -DHLPP( Distemper, Leptospirosis. Para-influenza, and Parvo). Bring your vaccines paper on your trial play day.

We are happy to feed your pup with our own food while it stays with us. However, we highly recommend you bring your dog's own food, thus she/he maintains a consistent and familiar feeding routine while staying with us.
A trial play day MUST be scheduled before using our day care services for all new pups.
-Daycare package must be redeemed within 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE. No accrual or rollover. No refundable or transferable.

We only accept /Cash, Cash app
Please note that a Texas Sales Tax of 8.875% will be added.

Payment information will be collected on your trial play date.